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About Our Campaign

My name is Henry Kaye. I am a Junior at Richard Montgomery High School, and I am running to serve as the 44'th Student Member of the School Board in Montgomery County (SMOB). Whether it be a part-time job, caring for siblings, playing sports, or taking on challenging courses, I understand that there are limited hours for students to join or participate in student advocacy. These students are often underrepresented because of these conflicts. I feel that the school board has become disconnected from THE STUDENTS, even though its sole responsibility is to represent them. I am running to change this. I understand the difficulties involved with becoming active in county-wide advocacy because I have personally experienced those challenges. I am an athlete, participate in various extracurricular clubs, own a local business, have worked part-time jobs, and play an active role in my family. Being elected to the board will allow me to refocus its interests on the common student.